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Do as we say and not as we do kids!

We always used to tell our kids to not talk to strangers and not to hitchhike as it was far too dangerous ...probably not as dangerous as accepting accomodation from random strangers though eh?!

Saturday the 6th and we head off from also down the side of the Kootenay Lake.

We left not knowing where we were going to spend the night as it was "high season" and every room was booked in an 80km radius of where we had planned to stay. But we had "hope" ...even though we always maintain that hope is not a tactic or strategy!

We briefly pull off the road at Toad Rock, a campsite next to the lake just for bikers with everything you might need including a workshop area in the centre. It was a unique place where some bikers were already drinking whiskey at 10 am!

The centre of Toad Rock, a unique bikers community camp ground

Just down the road is another ferry, this one from Balfour across the Kootenay Lake.

Rod and Laurie got talking to a guy on a bike behind us called Curtis who was from Fernie/Calgary and asked on our behalf for route recommendations that might take us away from the touristy areas so we could find somewhere that wasn't booked out.

He recommended a route to Fernie, and then a route to The Rockies the following day that would take us through the Kananaskis Park. He then went on to offer us a bed for the night! (We are flabbergasted at the generosity of the people we have met so far). Numbers were exchanged and we said we would be in touch later in the day with a decision one way or the other.

We then rode down an AMAZINGLY twisty road to the town of Creston, a flat plain and agricultural area that sits between mountain ranges.

Old grain silos in Creston

After lunch we said goodbye to Rod and Lorrie who returned to Kelowna and carried on our way.

As we got closer to Fernie there were lots of rivers and fly fishing going on ...apparently it is world class fishing here.

Just before we reached the town of Fernie we turned off at the ski resort to look over the view from the top and ponder our next move we carry on, or take Curtis (the random stranger) up on his offer of a bed for the night?

Do as we say and not as we do kids, as we took the random stranger option ...again!

Curtis, a keen skier, actually only lived 3 minutes from where we were parked and texted us as we were making a decision so it seemed like it was meant to be.

He let us park our bikes in his garage and he even fed us. We had a lovely evening sitting outside among the trees and even saw our first ever Hummingbird. Bec had to double take as she couldn't quite figure out how a Hummingbird could survive a Canadian winter until told they migrate all the way from Mexico.

Still alive the next day!

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Aug 12, 2022

Yes, we are going to be having lots of visitors and it is going to be wonderful :)


Aug 10, 2022

You might find you'll have a few foreign visitors at home over the next 5 years!! Amazing the generosity of people, there is hope for humanity.

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