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Okay, we have done Whitehorse!

16th August and we got to the Honda shop bright and early to find our tyres still hadn't arrived!

We had no where to go in town as we had checked out of our accomodation which we would describe as interesting! There was a list of rules to adhere by ...none of which the owners of the INN (think more a 19th century boarding house) seemed to adhere to.

Quiet time is 10pm to 8am ...they were chatting loudly until 12:45am as well as banging things loudly around the kitchen ...Nick was convinced they were chopping the heads off chickens and ducks with a cleaver! Then there was the smell that seemed to permeate the whole place ...think 5 spice, oyster sauce and boiled cabbage.

We wandered around town from free wifi spot to free wifi spot.

Saw some bizarre sights like a bike on a bike (the guys was so proud of his invention) but we really had done Whitehorse at this point!

Then we got some great news from a contact we had made on the NZ Adventure Bike FB page that the Dawson City ferry had broken down and was going to be out of use for 3-5 days!!!

Not sure how much you know about Canada but it's a big place in BIG, with few roads and this ferry is kind of an important connection between one half of the Yukon and the other!

So like Feagen in the film "Oliver" we "reviewed the situation" and decided to do our planned route in and out of Alaska in reverse and hope the DC ferry was up and running in a few weeks time.

Our tyres arrived over lunch and the incredibly brilliant guys at Yukon Honda fitted them for us that afternoon. Quite luckily actually as the engine support bolt on Nicks bike was coming out and Bec had screws missing on her chain guard (no comment!!!)

More waiting around (we are getting quite good at it) and our bikes were all ready with new shoes ...think Doc Martins instead of calf skin loafers!

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