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Second time lucky?

You'd think that starting the same route a second time the enthusiasm would have waned a bit. Nah! We were just as excited, and having Rod and Lorrie join us for the first day made it much better ...we were a gang!

We actually made it onto the Needles Ferry this time! (after having to turn back two days earlier).

In British Columbia, maybe all over Canada? there are FREE ferries connecting roads and communities across the many lakes and rivers.

The Needles Ferry

The area we were now travelling through is called the Kootenays, an incredibly pretty and rural area of BC ...with some awesome roads and riding.

We stopped for lunch and a wander through Nakusp, a small town on the edge of The Upper Arrow Lake. A pretty town with well kept gardens and interesting murals.

Upper Arrow Lake, British Columbia

Nakusp, British Columbia

Continuing on Highway 6 we stop at Sandon, a near mining ghost town which used to be so big that there were 85 brothels!!!

There is still one silver mine in operation and the oldest (and still operating) hydroelectric station (in the Northern hemisphere??). It runs from a small stream that flows through the valley and is considered 100% green electricity to run 440 homes at peak flow ...from just a little creek!! We know all this as we had a personal tour from a young volunteer who was imparting information in the generating room.

Sandon, British Columbia

We spent the evening in Kaslo, another beautiful town on the edge of Lake Kootenay. Our airbnb was at the top of the town so we we had a good walk down hill (and then up!) for dinner.

Dinner with a view over the lake

Kaslo, British Columbia

There was a forest fire burning on the edge of the town as we rode in and as the evening and colder air fell the smoke hung low.

It has been burning since last week and crept forward 3 ridges in that time. Nobody seemed overly concerned even though there was a group of tired and hungry firefighters refuelling themselves in the town that evening.

Forest fire on the way to Kaslo

That same fire in the evening on our way back to our airbnb

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